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See Professional Reviews In The Four Blue Boxes Below.

We were impressed by the way you have put it all together in a user-friendly package and would certainly recommend your product to anyone who may be starting out a careers centre, as it is a fantastic core resource.
Karen Infanti - 2005 - Student Career Coordinator, Central TAFE, WA

“This offer is tremendous value - it will save me a lot of time.”
Carl Butler - Director, Actualise, Brisbane

From: Mitch Lawrie
Re: Lifetime Licence Offer
mitch at career-wise.com.au
Mobile: 0422 582 356

Dear Colleague

It is tremendously helpful to clients or students if they receive career support resources customised to their needs and the local context.

Resources that back up any group or individual work you do with them.

Resources that include clear processes, effective assessment tools, tips, and vital "how to" information. You just don't have time to tell them everything they need to know!

The problem is that developing these resources for your clients or students can be a long, arduous process which keeps you away from what you really need to be doing.

Let me explain how I can help.

Several years ago when I decided to cut back on my career consulting work with my employer in the corporate sector and set up my own career counselling and job search coaching service I also needed to develop my own resources. With a Masters degree in Career Guidance and years of experience as a consultant plus as a freelance journalist I thought it would be fairly easy.

So I set out to create the ideal Career Direction program and a Job Search program specifically for Australia.

What I found...
and you may relate to this… was that an expected few weeks work turned out to be many months of research and over 650 hours in front of the computer! This was time when I couldn't deliver services or generate revenues. And my friends thought I’d left the country!
I tried to find pre-existing suitable resources which I could licence and then adapt to my needs. What I found was that nobody was offering remotely affordable comprehensive resources I could "make my own" and customise.  I also discovered that the available published books, manuals and assessment tools were too inflexible. I couldn't adapt them to my client group or my own approach. They also quickly became expensive on a per client basis.
So I decided I had no choice but to create my own complete system. For over 3 years I developed, tested and refined my resources.

The result is that feedback from colleagues indicates I now have one of the leading career system packages of its type in Australia.

Career Practitioner feedback:

I had spent quite a bit of time developing a number of tools and materials myself and was pleased to see your material was both comprehensive and complementary to what I had developed. 

The manuals were well laid out, full of comprehensive material and easy to customise. I really appreciated all the extras that were thrown in! 

To anybody thinking of purchasing these manuals I’m sure you’ll find they are well worth every cent. I found the Career Pro Resources to be incredible value.” 

Sean Reddell - Managing Director,
 Blaze Unlimited, Career  Coaching  and  HR  Consultancy

"Drawing on years of research and experience, and inviting contributions from other experienced career practitioners, Mitch Lawrie has compiled a high-quality, comprehensive resource for Australian career practitioners.

Speaking as an individual in private practice, I only wish this had been available when I was starting out!  It would have saved me countless hours of time (and money) compiling client manuals and resource materials.  

The fact that a practitioner can customise the materials in Career Pro to suit their own style and practice is a distinct advantage.  

Mitch is to be commended in taking this initiative to help raise the standard of information-sharing and professional support across the career profession."

Suzanne Davidson MAICD, AACC - Director, Life Artistry TM

"CAREER PRO caught my attention in June this year and has been a welcome addition to my resources, as a career practitioner in private practice.

Rather than being just another career book or stand alone assessment it provides a comprehensive, flexible system of career resources with unlimited reproduction rights for use with your clients or students.

In developing my own resources over the years, it’s evident that a lot of work and time has gone into the development of the Career Pro package.  I haven’t used every resource in my practice, but have been impressed by what has been made available."

Lois Keay-Smith - Editor of the WA AACC Newsletter
Principal of Career Wisdom

(For Lois' complete Review of CAREER PRO as published in the Summer 2007 AACC national newsletter click HERE.)

The CAREER PRO resources have also proven effective with hundreds of individual clients of all ages and backgrounds as well as in workshops I have run in the university, corporate and Job Services Australia sectors.

Workshop participant feedback:

“Very in-depth, practical tips and a genuine, obvious passion for career counselling and helping others. I’m glad I took the time to attend.”
Jaye Thomas

“Mitch has adopted a comprehensive, holistic approach to clarifying a suitable career direction. He also provides highly useful material for later re-evaluation and has many innovative suggestions to add value to the overall process.”
Claire Tune

It covered everything! The course was what I expected and more. Excellent manuals, thorough, well organised, and great tips for success.”

Kaye Walsh (Employment Consultant with a Job Network organization)

Now I have decided to share my programs with other career professionals.  


Rather than wasting time developing your own resources you get a lifetime licence allowing you to put your organisation's name on a leading-edge career assessment & development program plus a powerful job search program.  

Your benefits include:

Unlimited lifetime reproduction rights for use with your clients - just print as many as you need or make it available via a non-public website!

The flexibility of being able to customise, pick and choose the components and exercises that suit your client group and operating circumstances

Your organisation's name on the cover

Your name listed as one of the authors (I'm sure you'll add something to it... we career professionals like to adapt and personalise our materials!)

Access to powerful online personality assessments with instructional audio MP3 and debriefing resources (five factor model, Jung typology, & interest profiler)

Access to a PDF creator so you can convert your customised resources from MS Word to PDFs at no cost - ideal for emailing clients the Pre-Session Workbook

Everything you need to work with individual clients or even group workshops

Marketing materials and implementation support - email or call me anytime

A saving of hundreds of hours of your program development time (= money!)

More savings! - You no longer need to purchase printed career resources for each client  – you produce what you need when you need it!

What I am offering is NOT just another career book but rather a flexible resource package that you are free to customise to suit YOUR needs.

Some career professionals just change a few things, like the organisation name and the contact details. However, if you choose to you can add or delete as much as you like so as to match your unique operating circumstances and client group.

Because the package is so adaptable these resources can be customised to suit private career counsellors and consultants, life coaches, corporate HR, outplacement providers, schools, TAFEs, universities and job network providers.


There are 2 major areas of need that people experience with their career:

1.  What direction should I go with my career… and life? (The Complete Career Direction Guide)

2.  How can I get a suitable job fast?  (The Complete Job Search Guide & Toolkit)

CAREER PRO helps people focus on their priority need area. For people who are considering further studies or really want to focus on their career-life direction then the Career Direction Guide and Workbook provides a comprehensive and clear 7-step process for discovering their own answers based on a firm foundation of career development theory and practical experience.

For people who have decided their career direction or need to immediately manage a job search/career transition then there is the Job Search Guide and Toolkit. It provides 7 powerful job search strategies, practical state-of-the-art advice and tips on job searches that really work in Australia today.

The Toolkit then backs this up with a wide range of invaluable resources, resume and letter samples and further specific advice.

Let me give you some more detail here...


With the changes in today’s world of work it is essential for our clients to become more aware and skilled in managing our careers.
 This stimulating resource will provide insights and practical assistance to equip your clients to become active creators of their future rather than just another cog in the economic system… or a discarded part.

An important feature of this Guide is that it provides access and debriefing materials for a powerful online Five Factor Model personality assessment (a version of the NEO) as well as an Interest Profiler and a Jung Typology assessment. The NEO is very useful for improving client self-awareness and the practitioner’s understanding of the client’s potential strengths and weaknesses. These resources are self-scoring and free of charge for unlimited use.
Who will benefit?
People of all ages and backgrounds who may or may not already have jobs but would like to learn how to create an exciting, meaningful and rewarding career.

Content includes:

The global economy and your career

Four life game plans you must know in the 21st century

Combining rational planning, real world testing, and whole-self reflection for solid career-life decision-making

Recognising and addressing your self-sabotages

Comprehensive self assessment – current influences, essential requirements, blindspots (colleague input), life balance, perceived career success constraints,             work values, interests, natural abilities, learnt skills and knowledge areas plus the         online personality assessments

Online Jung Typology AND Five Factor Model personality assessment with offline CAREER FOCUSED debriefing materials

Developing a deep sense of career purpose which can help you navigate changes

Defining what success means for you as a context for your career

Strategies and resources for finding, exploring, and evaluating hidden career options and opportunities

Tapping into the power of people connections, information interviews and career experiments

Decision making tools, goal setting and action planning

Extensive links to online career resources for researching jobs and to continue client learning

The content above is integrated into an action-oriented Seven Step process for determining career direction.  The table below shows how the Seven Steps links to the new Australian Blueprint for Career Development (ABCD) and the four foundation areas of traditional career development best practice:




Foundation 1: Self-awareness


Area A: Personal Management

1. Positive self-image

2. Interact effectively

3. Change and grow


1. Take responsibility

2. Self assess

3. Define success - your purpose and vision of the future


Foundation 2: Opportunity-awareness


Area B: Learning & Work Exploration

4. Participate in life-long learning

5. Use career information

6. Understand relationship between work,

     society & economy


4. Expand, explore and evaluate your options

Foundation 3: Decision making


Area C: Career Building

8. Make career enhancing decisions


5. Decide and set goals (job search, study and/or business targets)


Foundation 4: Transition skills


9.   Balance life and work roles

10. Understand changing life & work roles

11. Manage career building process


6. Plan and act!

7. Stay alert and enjoy the journey!

ABCD Career Competency 7 "Secure/create and maintain work" is not listed above as it is the primary focus of the Job Search Guide plus other bonus resources contributed by the CAREER PRO team (see below).


Most people are very amateur job searchers when they need to be professionals! The best person doesn’t get the job… the best job hunter does!

There are 7 core job search strategies. If a client
doesn't know how to apply each of these effectively then their career will suffer as a result. At the least, it can take them  twice as long to find a suitable job.

This resource will assist your clients in developing excellent job search skills. It includes comprehensive strategies, tips, and resources.
Who will benefit?
People of all ages and backgrounds who may or may not already have jobs but would like to learn more about how to land the job they really want.

Content includes:

How to quickly identify what you really want, what you have to offer, and what your options are

Seven crucial job search strategies and how to apply, combine and customise them

Common job search pitfalls to avoid

Job search tips that can cut your job search time in half

What employers want! The "walk" and the "talk" you need to know

Personal AND Strategic networking (they're different!)

Powerful enquiry and application letters for the private and public sectors

Modern targeted resumes - "how to" information, samples, action and benefit statements - appropriate for Australia... NOT U.S. style!

Selection criteria writing - unique seven step process

Winning interviews - 5 steps to prepare your content, 4 strategies to prepare your mind, 31 tips and a Before, During and After checklist for the interview itself.

In a fee-for-service situation these resources create a great deal of added value for the client. They receive something very substantial to take home and work through.


    1. Getting the Most from CAREER PRO (Audio Recording) - One hour of advice and tips on using CAREER PRO including in-depth guidance on the use of the online personality assessments to help you get great results for your clients!

    2. Job Search Secrets Revealed - TWO Separate Interviews with Recruiters (Audio Recordings) - Chris Whisson (45 minutes) and Lyn Davies (27 minutes) talk frankly here about what to do and what NOT to do for a successful job search. Each wiith over 20 years experience in the recruitment industry, they offer reliable, "from the trenches" perspectives that can benefit all job seekers. The Chris Whisson interview even comes with a complete Word document transcript.

    3. Career Success - Essential Tips (Audio Recording) - 20 minutes of the most important points for a successful career.

    4. Job Search Success - Essential Tips (Audio Recording) - 22 minutes of the most crucial tips for a successful job search.

    5. Powerpoint presentations – “Finding Your Career Path” and “A to Z of Job Search.” With the Guides and these comprehensive presentations you have everything you need to deliver powerful in-depth workshops!

    6. Pre-session client email – “Career Assessment Preparation.” This email explains everything your client needs to know and do before meeting with you including links to online assesments. This can save you a lot of time, create clear expectations for your work together, and link your client to online assessments they can do before they even meet with you face-to-face.

    7. Pre-Session Workbook -  this is a pdf document ideal for emailing to your client. It explains the coach/client partnership and provides self-assessment exercises to prepare the client to gain the most from their session with you.

    8. 23 Hot Tips for Your Career – a powerful summary of many of the critical points in career management. You may use this for viral marketing – offer it to potential clients for free.

    9. General Skills Checklist – a 9 page 160-item skills checklist especially relevant to white collar workers. A powerful supplement to the assessment resources in the main manuals.

    10. Selected Additional Career Coaching Resources – 27 pages of further valuable resources including evaluating job ads, preparing a contact script, and a model selection criteria response.

    11. Sample Services Marketing copy – you can even adapt my marketing copy for my services if you like.

    12. Sample Outplacement Proposal – I’ve even included an outplacement proposal which  successfully secured for me a $3950 outplacement assignment to provide career transition support for one individual.

    13. Sample Joint Venture Agreement with a recruitment firm – one of the smartest things a private practice career counsellor can do is form a profit share agreement with a reputable white collar recruitment firm. You remove the need for expensive offices of your own and gain access to their candidates as potential clients. I’ve included my legal agreement with a recruitment firm which I have now successfully partnered with for 2 years. (A solicitor can charge you over $500 for this alone!)

    14. Client Record Form – ensures you capture crucial information from your clients.

    15. Plus over 150 pages of superb new resources from a select group of  highly experienced career professionals from across Australia. All resources are provided in fully customisable Word documents. Topics include:

      • Killer Resume Tactics for a Serious Job Campaign
      • Four Award Winning Sample Resumes
      • Recovering your Passion – Tips for creating more meaning and pleasure in your work
      • 12 Strategies for Exploring Your Career & Life Options
      • How to “Knock the Socks Off” Recruiters
      • Resources and Advice for Starting a Business
      • Love Variety? Discover the New World of “Portfolio Careers”
      • Secrets Revealed - How to Use Keywords in Your Resume to get Job Interviews!
      • Crucial research to catapult your interview performance and your career
      • The Real Deal – How to Negotiate the  Salary Package You are Worth!
      • Fast-track Your Job Search Success with Informational Interviews
      • Resume Writing Secrets from an Award-Winning Resume Writer!
      • Have you lost the passion for your work?
      • Ten Barriers to Fulfilling Work
      • Unemployment…to lie or not to lie…
      • The Final Hurdle – How to ensure your referees make you look like a million dollars!
      • Managing Your Time - How to live by the Compass not the Clock!
      • Making the Most of Career Fairs in Your Job Search
      • Insider Secrets – Making the Most of the Job Network
      • Career & Business Networking
      • Developing Your Business Idea - Defining Your Niche, Target Market, and USP
      • Combining Careers - The Future of Working for Yourself?
      • Mature Age Job Seekers:  8 Sure-Fire Ways to Avoid Hearing “Sorry, You’re Overqualified!”


Mitch Lawrie (Founder)
  • Master of Education in Career Guidance, QUT
  • Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)
  • Certified MBTI® Personality Indicator Practitioner & Certified Lifeline Counsellor
  • Further postgraduate studies in leadership, human resource management and group dynamics
  • Over 15 years experience in the development of interactive personal and career development programs
Currently I am Director of Career Services for the EastCoast Human Resource Group. I'm also a “Career Voyage” consultant and trainer for JIIG-CAL Australia. (The Career Voyage software is a great complement to CAREER PRO. If you'd like to receive a free trial of this JIIG-CAL Australia software please email me at .)

I've had a deep interest in what makes people successful for a couple of decades now. I've successfully provided career support services to numerous individuals and organisations, such as the University of Queensland, Brisbane City Council, Energex and Queensland Rail.

My own career path has been diverse. Career experience includes the corporate, government and community sectors in Australia and ten years overseas in a variety of roles such as freelance photojournalist in the USA, leadership lecturer in Russia and international service project coordinator in Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Guatemala.

The following highly experienced career consultants have also contributed resource material:

Annemarie Cross 
Annemarie is a triple-certified/multi award winning Resume Writer, Career Coach, NLP Practitioner, author, and founder/principal of Advanced Employment Concepts, a career consultancy offering specialised solutions/programs for people striving to achieve success, meaning and fulfilment in their careers.

Suzanne Davidson
Suzanne is a career coach, business woman, lawyer, teacher and a Professional Member of Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA). She is the founder of Life Artistry, a holistic career consultancy helping people to find the work they love. She consults with and mentors individuals and conducts seminars around Australia. 

Danielle Rivas
Danielle is founder of Career Profilers, a career development consultancy dedicated to helping people choose and change careers. She is a career & job-search coach, Disability Employment Network (DEN) coordinator, former Job Network manager and professional member of the CDAA.


When I was with a previous career consulting employer we quoted over $10,000 to provide other start-up consultants with similar resources, systems and support.

If you attempted to develop similar materials in-house the costs in staff hours would also be far higher. The bare minimum time needed to produce anything beginning to approach these resources (without the bonus resources!) would be eight weeks = 200 hours x $35/hour = $7000!

It is, however, my aim to make these resources accessible to as many organisations as possible. Remember that these are lifetime unlimited reproduction licences so that your cost per client or student is far less than if you purchased individual hard copy resources. 

You receive a Lifetime Licence to use:


   1.  Career Direction Guide & Workbook
   2.  Job Search Guide and Toolkit
   3.  Job Search Secrets Revealed - Two Interviews with Recruiters
   4.  Career Success & Job Search Success - Essential Tips Audios
   5."Finding Your Career Path” Powerpoint  Presentation
   6. "A to Z of the Job Search" Powerpoint Presentation
   5.  “Career Assessment Preparation” client email
   6.  Pre-Session Workbook
   7.  23 Hot Tips for Your Career Summary
   8.  160-Item Skills Checklist
   9.  Selected additional resources (27 pages)
   10.  Sample Services Marketing copy
   11.  Sample Outplacement Proposal
   12.  Sample Joint Venture Agreement
   13.  CAREER PRO Team contributions - Over 24 resources
   11.  "Getting the Most from CAREER PRO" - Audio program

Complete Package
– Lifetime Licence to ALL the above resources

Total Value $7,950*

$775 !
12  x $67 month!!

Under both payment alternatives you will own a lifetime licence to CAREER PRO once payment is completed. Your credit card will be automatically billed (unless, of course, you choose to cancel the payment plan).

Plus you can have a 10-Day Trial for the token amount of $5!!

Get immediate access to the complete CAREER PRO package for only $5 and take 10 days to confirm to yourself that this program is just what you need.  (If online payment is a problem for you, just email me to request the 10-day trial.)

* Please note:  Value estimates in the table above are based primarily on a very low estimate of the amount of time you would require to develop the resource.

Documents will be provided as original Word documents so that you can edit and change them as you find suitable.

These are site licences for use only with your clients or students. For pricing regarding organisation-wide licences involving multiple sites please contact me directly on 0422 582 356.


Take a full 6 months from your date of purchase to examine and use these resources. Customise it as you like and put it to use with your clients or students. I’m certain it will save you time and add value to your services far beyond the price you paid.

If, however, for any reason it doesn’t satisfy your requirements just delete it entirely from your computers and let me know. I’ll promptly and cheerfully refund your entire payment

As far as I am aware no one else providing career guidance resources has the confidence to offer such a complete guarantee.

Your benefit? Complete peace of mind when you order CAREER PRO.

I look forward to assisting you with your career system needs.

Kind regards

Mitch Lawrie M.Ed (Career Guidance) CDAA
Director - Premium Horizons Pty Ltd
Mobile: 0422 582 356
Contact: mitch at career-wise.com.au

P.S. If you still have a question you'd like to ask before ordering CAREER PRO feel free to email me or call me on my personal direct number 0422 582 356.

Some more email feedback on Career Pro:

Hi Mitch,

I have found the CAREER PRO resources excellent and practical.

Very pleased to have your products.


Tony  Crosby
Managing Director
Associated Career Management Australia

Dear Mitch,

I recently purchased your Career Pro Programme on payment plan.
Just wanted to say that I have had a quick look through most of the information and must say I am extremely happy with my purchase.  
Already a Job Search Trainer with a job network here in Townsville, I am also studying Career Counselling and Assessment in order to move into my own business of training and career counselling.  
The information in the Guides is fantastic, and, more importantly, Australian!!  and I have no hesitation in referring people to your site to perhaps purchase your programmes.
I will certainly email you with any questions I may have in the future, in connection with working my own business!!  
Thank you so much for making this information available in one package!!
Yours truly,
Shirley Buttery
Job Search Trainer - Job Network, Townsville

Hi Mitch
As a personal and career counsellor I have found the information to be invaluable. 

The pre session work book is really beneficial for my clients and also for me!
Sally Healey
Managing Director
Jigsaw Consulting Group

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