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Considering a Business?
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Considering a Business?

Many people rush into business traps without having done the research that could have saved them a lot of time and money. If you are thinking about starting a business you must be able to answer these questions...

  1. What product or service am I selling? And how much am I selling this product or service?
  2. How much is the product or service costing me to produce?
  3. How much money will I make when I sell this product or service?
  4. Do I know who and how big my potential market is?
  5. Do I know for a fact that my customers will buy my product or service?
  6. Do I know for a fact if I can deliver on my product or service?

State government websites are one source of information you should consider. For example, see "Starting a business" on this Queensland governement website...

Helpful Business Start-Up Resources

For the following two reports on starting a business in Australia:

  • Developing Your Business Idea – Defining Your Niche, Target Market and Position Statement
  •  How to Get Started in Business - where to access the crucial advice and resources you'll need (much of it free!)

see The Complete Career Change Kit.


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