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Game Plans for Life

Think about the big picture for your career and life – there is more to it than just a job!

There are huge changes underway in the labour market.  You will find in the future...

  • Less permanent jobs will be available
  • Increased likelihood of part-time, casual, contract and self-employed work
  • Increased job changes with periods of unemployment or underemployment and less vertical career ladders within organizations
  • Expectations of higher outputs and longer working weeks for those in full-time employment
  • Increased demand for continual learning and interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • High financial rewards if you are offering the current in-demand skills and reduced real financial rewards otherwise

Even more radical changes are possible... see Global Career Threats for some scenarios. 

The gap between the winners and losers on many levels in this game we call the “global economy” is increasing.  We may not often like the changes to the job market but there is good news also. There are greater than ever opportunities for career success, wealth and making a positive difference if you play the game smart.

If you want to be one of the winners and perhaps even be in a position to assist others in the game you need to consciously develop your game plan for your career-life.

There are three broad potential strategies for your career-life game plan in the 21st century: 1) wealth creation, 2) rewarding work, and 3) voluntary simplicity.

Game plan 1 – Wealth Creation & Management
Wealth creation is about increasing your power on the physical level by developing intellectual, physical, and financial assets which eventually give you the time freedom and the resources to live your purpose independent (if you choose) from a paid job.

You will be in a much better situation if you  educate yourself more broadly and deeply in the wealth creation area well before you find your job on the line. Few people these days really want to do the same thing their whole working lives so having an effective exit strategy from your job can be a great thing anyway.

The downside to the whole wealth thing in our culture is that most of us are highly vulnerable to status anxiety and the wealth creation books and seminars tend to reinforce and exploit this anxiety to get us to buy their service or product. Career-Wise works from the perspective that real wealth is broad based and includes the health, peace of mind, sense of community and lasting friendships needed to enjoy the possibilities money provides.

Game plan 2 – Rewarding Work

“Life is to be lived. If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is going to be interesting.”

Katherine Hepburn

Identifying the types of work most likely to be personally rewarding is the focus of the tips in the first section and what career counsellors normally help their clients with. The basic idea is that to be successful at your work you need to enjoy it, or even better, have a passionate love for it.

The strength of this game plan is that if you, at least, like what you do, you’ll probably be good at it and engage in the necessary life-long learning to stay in demand in the job marketplace.

But be warned – rewarding work often doesn’t come easy. You may need work hard, make some sacrifices and some smart choices to find or create your rewarding work.

Game plan 3 – Voluntary Simplicity

In the voluntary simplicity game the emphasis shifts from consuming to relationships, family, well being and creativity. To have self-directed power over your career-life you need to recognize and separate from advertising and social conditioning which pushes you to over-consume and become controlled by your debt.

This is not about living in poverty. It’s about being a conscious consumer rather than just a conditioned consumer. Do a Google search on the words “voluntary simplicity” for a heap of ideas and resources on this game plan.

Most people are best served by combining these three strategies or individual game plans. How it will best suit you to integrate the three game plans will become clearer as you self assess and define your purpose and vision.

To be successful in applying them you will need to educate yourself over the long-term in each of these three areas. 

For more on these game plans including how to apply them see The Complete Career Change Kit.


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