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Happiness & Soul

A sense of your purpose in life is your deepest internal compass for navigating your way through whatever changes take place in the world of work. Being “on-purpose” with your career unlocks your passion – that spark and energy which drives your career development and learning and at the same time makes you someone employers want to hire and retain. It can also be the source of deep motivation which can power you through the challenges of creating your own business when the time is right.

Some people have a clear sense of their unique purpose from an early age while for most of us it is something we gradually develop an awareness of, as we grow older. It is common in our society distracted by excessive consumerism that many people fail to develop a sense that their career or life has any purpose or meaning beyond themselves. We just go to work and fit in with what the system expects of us.

The existential vacuum that results is often experienced as a deep sense of boredom, or addictions to chemicals and other destructive behaviours. Some researchers believe we are actually genetically programmed to self-destruct if we feel our tribe or society does not need us. Physical ailments tend to be less common amongst people who believe they are needed. One of the best things we can do for our mental and physical health is to find a way to forget about ourselves and become more involved with others. This is our universal purpose (or if you prefer… our genetic programming). If we can detect our unique purpose and express it through our career our wellbeing is further boosted.

Purpose is central to career. In the broadest sense we all have a career no matter what work we do, but it is only when our jobs are connected by a sense of purpose that our sequence of jobs becomes a coherent career with its own direction.

Work  +  no purpose  =  job (at best)

Work  +  purpose  =  career

Our awareness of our purpose is not static. It evolves and matures with us. To detect your unique purpose follow your passion.

What excites you? What do you deeply care about?

You do this by observing yourself and all that you considered under Self Assess.

Look carefully at your natural abilities, personality, values, and interests. What are the patterns? Also search your childhood dreams and watch yourself. 

What gives you energy? 

What can you lose yourself in? 

What would you do even if you took money out of the equation?

For further help in finding your own career/life purpose see The Complete Career Change Kit.

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