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Global Career Threats
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Global Career Threats

We are entering an era with no precedent. There are six global threats building up largely unseen beneath the surface of daily life, like tectonic stresses beneath our feet.

These stresses will trigger radical change - world quakes,  economy quakes, career quakes - in the coming years. The process has already started with the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

It is highly likely that many of us will be forced to change our lifestyles and our careers. Some occupations may decline dramatically as the world changes and demand for those services dry up.

There are various scenarios for radical decline put forward by different groups however the most common predicted causes are resource limitations such as the “peak oil” scenario in combination with the very fragile debt-laden economic system.

Any attempt to predict the future is difficult and controversial. Most career programs will not even raise this subject. The assumption is always that the economy and society will continue more or less as it has been. No career consultant wants to be seen as someone running around crying “the sky is falling.” On the other hand there is credible evidence that major tipping points WILL be reached. The challenge is predicting  when and what the result will be. 

I am currently developing an online course - "Wise Up - The Crash Course" - to educate people about the six global threats and possible responses. I recommend you take the course... see

Course contents include:
  • Why government and most people appear to be ignoring or ignorant of these threats
  • What these changes will mean to you - career traps and  new opportunities
  • How to be mentally and practically prepared
  • Are you going to be a "revolutionary", lucky bystander or victim (there will only be 3 options)
  • The major impacts on the economy, jobs, and middle class
  • New trends such as "Forced Entrepreneurship," relocalisation, internet and alternative energy careers
  • What are the decline-proof careers
  • The myth of the great depression and why it matters
  • Practical "risk reduction" tips for you and your family
  • Plus a lot more you need to know
Don't miss the Chapter on Careers in particular.

Wise Up Course Feedback:

"This is a powerful presentation which combines a lot of essential inconvenient truth about the crisis the world is going into. Essential understandings for preparing for the challenges of the 21st Century."
 Frank Davies - Career Counsellor, TAFE

"Very thought-provoking! It has shocked me into looking at ways of taking actions to minimize the impact and prepare myself and my family for a very different future."
Gayle Bessell - Student Support, TAFE

Most career counsellors do not consider risk management strategies for peak oil and economic downturns. For career counselling that can include these risks see our Career Counselling page.

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